Nonduality Radio

There is only 1 radiostation in the world that broadcasts talks, satsangs and interviews about advaita, nonduality, nondualism in English 24 hours a day!
That radiostation is called ‘Advaita FM’ and you can listen to it on your mobile or computer:

Apple products like iPhone, iPad and iMac:
Android phones and PC’s:

On Advaita FM you can listen to talks with:
Tony Parsons, Jeff Foster, Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji, Wayne Liquorman, Unmani, Byron Katie, Lisa Cairns, Isaac Shapiro, Sailor Bob and many many more.
Also we broadcast the best interviews by Buddha at the Gaspump, Urban Guru Cafe and The Advaita Show.

There’s also a podcastchannel on iTunes where you can re-listen to interviews:  (subscribe for weekly updates)

Our website, where you can download an E-book bij Paul Smit for free and watch the movie All About Nothing:

Please follow us on twitter for questions or our latest updates:

The Advaita FM team (Patrick & Paul)

PS: Please install the free TuneIn app for android for the best listening experience!

PS2: If you want to listen to our Dutch radiostation about ‘nondualiteit’, please visit


4 gedachtes over “Nonduality Radio

  1. Beste Patrick,
    Bedankt voor het doorgeven van het oude radiomateriaal met Jan Foudraine.
    Het gesprek tussen hem en Alexander Smit over psychotherapie vind ik prachtig.
    Het interview door Freek Simon ontroerde me.
    Het andere heb ik nog niet beluisterd.
    Hartelijke groet,
    Rob van der Hoeden

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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